Do Not Use Cosmetic In Pregnancy it will harm you

Stay Away From Cosmetic During Pregnancy

Women have to go through many difficulties during pregnancy. For example, if you feel like eating fast food during pregnancy, then you cannot eat it keeping in mind the health of Buckeye.
If I talk more about this, then women should not use cosmetics during pregnancy. You might want to know why this happens.

Let us tell you why women should not use cosmetics during pregnancy.

dont use cosmetics in pregnancy

It contains harmful chemicals

Harmful ChemicalsThere are also some cosmetics that contain endocrine disruptors, such as chemicals, which inaccurately affect the hormones of pregnant women at the time of pregnancy.




What are endocrine disruptors?

endocrine disruptorsBPA, atrazine, phthalates, dioxin, and perchlorate, etc. are some endocrine disruptors that predominantly affect the hormonal levels of a pregnant woman.


What is the effect during pregnancy

effect of cosmetics in pregnancyIt affects the endocrine system very prominently in pregnant women due to which there is trouble in the delivery, preventing the proper development of tumors and fetus.




What are these chemicals in

chemicalMost endocrine disruptors are found in cosmetics. In the example, endocrine disruptors called phthalates are found in full quantity in perfumes.




What to do to prevent this

prevention pregnancyThe best way to avoid this problem is to avoid using cosmetics during pregnancy. But, apart from this, if you want to use cosmetics, then use cosmetics that do not use descriptors like BPA, atrazine, phthalates.



Prescription cream

Prescription creamWomen should use Prescream Cream only during pregnancy. If this is not done then cream and body lotion can also be harmful for the woman’s fetus. Do not use any cream or body lotion during pregnancy without the advice of a gynecologist.


Hair dye

Hair dyeAmmonia is also high in hair color that gives hair color and it damages the chemical skin and lungs. Therefore, pregnant women should not use any kind of hair color and dye. If you still want to use it, then you can use Ammonia-free dye and color found in the market.



Nail polish

Nail polishThe nail polish you use every day contains chemicals called methylbenzene and toluene and these chemicals help to increase the disease like cancer.



Hair Removal Cream & Lipstick

Hair Removal CreamMany deadly ingredients are also found in hair removal creams. They contain thioglycolic acid, which is harmful to use during pregnancy. To avoid this, the use of hair removal and lipstick during pregnancy should work and use only products of good brands.



Take the advice of a Gynecologist

Take the advice of a GynecologistIf you want to use any type of cosmetic during pregnancy, then consult a gynecologist once to clear all your confusion, and do not use any product without their opinion.







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