This homemade Scrub will whiten your skin in 1 day

Best Homemade Scrub for Glowing Skin

Scrub is very important for the face because the use of sun dust and excess body lotion freezes the layer of dead cells on your face.

Due to which the color of your face starts to become a bit savory, so many scrubs are available in the market to remove the same dead cells, but today I will tell you how to make a homemade scrub for glowing at your home according to your face.

homemade scrub for glowing skin

Homemade scrub is very durable and economical. And believe it is very easy to make homemade scrubs and some of the ingredients to make them are present in your kitchen.

So let’s see how to make a homemade scrub for glowing skin at home.

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1. Coffee Scrub

homemade face scrub for blackheads

Coffee scrub is very easy to make and use. This scrub helps in eliminating the dead cells of your skin and gives a new glow to your facial skin.

How to make it

To make a coffee scrub, first, you have to take half a cup of sugar, coffee powder, and semolina in a pot and mix coconut oil, olive oil, or baby oil in it.

Always keep in mind one thing, whenever you want to apply this paste on your face, then you can make this paste, otherwise, semolina and sugar can absorb all the oil.

Whenever you go for a bath and apply soap on your body or shampoo on your head, then apply this scrub on your body while bathing.

You have to massage this paste with your hands on your face until the sugar dissolves. Apply it to your entire body for 10 minutes and take a bath.

2. Papaya Scrub

Papaya face scrub

These scrubs can also be made at home. It is also very easy to make, this scrub cleans the mails inside your face.

And it is also very easy to use, it should be used every 15 days but if you have used a razor or blade a few days before then you should not use Papaya Scrub for two days after use.

How to make it

For this, mash the papaya thoroughly. In addition to curd and milk, you should mix everything else well.

After this, you have to take steam for 5 minutes. Apply this paste on your face immediately after taking steam. Now put a plastic sheet over it for 20 minutes.

Now wash your face, after washing your face, take milk or curd and give it a good massage on your body. Using a homemade body scrub will also whitening your body with tenderness.

3. Banana and Oatmeal Scrub

This scribe is the easiest to make. Banana kills the dangerous bacteria present in your face, which causes your face to be irritated, while oatmeal removes stains from your face.

Also handles the ph scale of your face and makes your face soft.

How to make it

To make this scrub, take two bananas and mash them well. Add a teaspoon of honey, vinegar, and oatmeal to it and prepare the paste.

Apply this scrub on your face with light hands for five minutes and then wash the face with cold water. After applying it, you will be able to feel the difference on your face.

4. Rice Scrub


A large number of anti-oxidants are present in rice. Along with this, its effect is cool and it helps in making the skin cool. It also enhances the skin tone.

How to make it

To make it, add two tablespoons of rice flour in half a cup of curd and apply it to the whole body before taking a bath, wash it after 5-6 minutes.

5. Almond Scrub


Almonds have many properties. While its use keeps the skin and heads healthy, using it on the skin gives it new life.

How to make it

Make a paste by mixing a large spoonful of ground almonds with some milk. Scrub the face with this. Then wash with cold water.

Your skin will become soft. If you have walnut powder, then you can add it to this paste.

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So these were 5 ways that you can have a blond paan on your face in a day

Use a Homemade scrub for oily skin but a little care

  • Whenever you make a scrub, always keep in mind that the scrub is soft, if that scrub will be more intense then it can get rushed on your face. A scrub prepared from orange peel, papaya seeds, apricot seeds, etc. should be finely coarse.
  • The simplest and correct way of scrubbing on the face is to first wash your face thoroughly with water and then you should start scrubbing the scrub with the tip of your fingers from your forehead to the entire face gently and gently Massage for 2 to 3 minutes. Then wash the face with plain water.
  • Scrub makes our skin shiny, but if the scrub is used in large amounts, it can damage the skin. So keep in mind – no need to scrub daily, you can do it once or twice a week. Excessive use of scrubs can cause dry skin and rashes on the skin.


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